Risk & Compliance – Newsletter, Trends, Advice

By admin on October 25, 2019 in Uncategorised

Market Overview The last quarter has been particularly busy as many of our clients have been establishing and re-building their risk and compliance teams with gusto as they have the support and the budget from the top.  There has been a significantly higher volume of compliance positions. The compliance function has typically been under resourced [...]

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Risk & Compliance – Market Commentary – Demand & Supply

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Market Commentary It has been a busy year for risk and compliance professionals. There were a significant number of changes at the CEO and CRO level which has accelerated change and recruitment activity in the risk and compliance professions. The Royal Commission was the obvious catalyst and this raised consciousness at board level in all [...]

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Risk & Compliance – Observations, Commentary & Remuneration

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Our Observations - change creates opportunities The last 10 years in risk and compliance has been relatively stable at the senior levels with limited change in leadership. However, over the last 12 months, the Royal Commission along with the gaps appearing in risk and compliance practices has created change at the highest levels in organisations.   [...]

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Risk & Compliance Recruitment Market – Review, Thoughts & Predictions

By admin on January 29, 2019 in Uncategorised

It was a challenging year for risk and compliance professionals. There was a noticeable knee jerk reaction to the Royal Commission which increased demand, leaving a gap on the supply side. We saw the creation of substantial resourcing budgets to respond to the impact. This has had a knock-on effect across the broader risk and [...]

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Risk & Compliance – Themes & Predictions

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Over the last 12 months, the pressures on risk and compliance professionals have been intensifying. The Royal Commission has thrown fuel on the fire. There is now an increased awareness with boards and senior management which has significantly impacted recruitment activity. From a candidate perspective, this has certainly increased the number of opportunities for high [...]

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